The J-Box hardware design has progressed, based upon modifications arising from testing and validating the original prototype board.  The new PCB is just 2.2″ square, packing more components into a tighter space.

As you will see below, on the front side, we have the discrete components and user-configurable items. The back side is purely surface mount components, including the wireless MCU.  A new configuration settings switch has been added so the J-Box can be configured without programming or wireless signal connectivity; e.g., setting the J-Box’s antenna cutoff frequency by selecting a supported ham band (160 – 2 meters).  A holder for the CR2032 coin cell has been added, along with terminals to connect the optional solar cell.  RF Harvesting continues to be supported (and required to drive the 12 VDC RF relay circuit – a future design may involve switching to a 3VDC relay so the entire unit can be battery driven, if RF Harvesting turns out to be undesirable or unworkable for any reason in practice).


The board is shown approximately to scale at about 65 mm or 2.2″ square.  Click on each image to zoom in.

The revised electronic design is shown below.