I’m happy to report that the first experiment on RF harvesting for DC power for the BatBeam project was a big success.  I recorded the event, with the help of my wife Sandy, who did an excellent job taking the video, which you will find below.  The significance of this experiment may not be apparent at first.  What it means is that the first step in establishing the feasibility of a fully-wireless J-Box has been taken successfully.  This is a critical step to have passed, as we must have DC power at each J-Box in order to power the RF switching relay and J-Box controller circuitry.

Here’s the video.  The schematic of the simple circuit along with some additional photos are below.

In the above schematic, the signal generator is replaced by the RF harvesting inductor, 10 turns of wire wrapped about the end of one G5RV antenna segment (a 20 meter G5RV).  The RF harvesting inductor is shown below.

Below you will see the extremely simple proof of concept rectifier circuit, along with the RF inductor feedline.

This concludes RF harvest experiment 1, which PASSED.